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'Man - Sewing' with Guy from Brother Sewing UK Part Two

Following on from our blog post on 16th May, this is part two, following the creation of a quilt made from baby grows, by a complete novice - man sewer!

"As my quilt is to be pretty large (52 x 32 inches), I chose a long-arm quilting machine to make the task easier. The large space (11 1/4 inch) of the Innov-is VQ2, meant that I should be able to fit more of the quilt under the needle without needing to roll it up. As a novice this should help a lot!
Innov-is VQ2 Long Arm Sewing & Quilting Machine - RRP £1,999 from local dealers."

"I also used the Dual Feed Foot for V series machines. This is similar to a Walking Foot, useful for sewing layers of fabrics, and fabrics that slip easily. So perfect to sew quilted layers together more easily.

Together with this, I used the Dual Feed 1/4 Inch Guide Foot. This will enable an exact 1/4 inch seam for all the quilted squares.

Dual Feed Foot (DF1) - RRP £249

Dual Feed 1/4 Inch Foot (F076) - RRP £15.79 from local dealers"…