Sewing sweatshirts - Jen Walker's favourite patterns this winter

Hello Brother readers! I’m back again with another blog post. This time I *need* to share with you all the sweatshirts I have sewn lately to keep toasty warm this wintertime!

At home, I’m the one creeping around the thermostat to knock it up a degree or two – I just feel the cold so much! Unfortunately, I can’t rely on central heating 24/7, which has led me down the road of testing out a number of different sweatshirt patterns to see which I love most. So, I wanted to share with you my thoughts and findings so that you too may embrace the joy of making a cosy sweatshirt!

Firstly, I’d like to say how much I love sweatshirts for being a nice, ‘quick-sew’ project. They really don’t take long, so you can enjoy the rewards of making something yourself in super-quick time, especially if, like me, you sew on a speedy, easy-to-use Brother Overclocker 3034DWT! Being a working mum of a toddler, I don’t exactly have much time to myself to sew, so sweatshirt-making on the Brother has been perfect for me this Autumn and Winter.

So, without further ado, the results are in – here are my top three favourite sweatshirt patterns to make this winter!

Grainline Linden Sweatshirt

A basic sweatshirt with a lovely relaxed fit, I’m a big fan of the Grainline Linden. It is super comfy too – exactly what you need in the dark and chilly depths of British winter!

Named Sloane Sweatshirt

This pattern is fairly like the Linden, but with darts on the front and a smaller neckband. Its neckline makes it a little easier to wear t-shirts underneath, which, understandably, I like to do for the extra warmth!

I Am Patterns Zebre

My most favourite of all the sweatshirt patterns is the I Am Patterns Zebre! I cannot praise this sweatshirt enough. It has a statement style with the puffed sleeves above the cuffs, a buttoned-up shoulder and is insanely comfy and easy to wear.

When I throw this on and feel as though I’m wearing a nice top, not just any old jumper, and I like them so much I’ve made two of them! In all honestly, I have worn them over and over throughout December, and I really can’t see my love of them fading any time soon.

I hope these patterns give you some inspiration to make your very own sweatshirt to keep you all nice and toasty warm this Winter!

Happy sewing,
Jen x