Trying out the CV3550 Coverstitch on a Tilly and the Buttons Nora Top

Hello Brother fans! I’m excited to be back to show you this make - it's one of my favourites! This has been quite an exciting one, because it’s been my first proper go with the coverstitch machine (the model I am using is a CV3550).

I wanted to keep everything as simple as possible for my first efforts at coverstitching. So, I decided to make a simple jersey top which would mean I could use the hemming attachment to get a beautiful, professional looking hem. The pattern I chose was a Tilly and the Buttons Nora top. I have made one of these before, which was great as I had familiarity with it already. It’s a lovely oversized, easy-to-wear top – and I chose to make a short-sleeved version.

The fabric I’d had in my stash for a while, and it’s been one that I’ve been excited to use. It’s a lovely jersey from The New Craft House. And it has these tiny little naked ladies printed all over it! Quite a statement fabric, which I adore!

I used my Brother Innovis NV1300 sewing machine and Brother 3034DWT overlocker for parts of this make as well. It was nice to have the trio of magical machines out at once!

The Nora pattern is very simple and came together without a hitch. I chose to use a ribbing for the neckband, which I think just gives it a nice finish.

Then on to the coverstitching! I used a narrow coverstitch, which required 2 needles and 3 threads and it was a breeze to thread. If I am honest, I found it even easier than the overlocker - and that's saying something! I clipped on the hemming attachment to the front of the machine and then pressed my hem, so it was ready to be threaded through into the hemming attachment.

It was kind of scary taking the plunge and starting those very first stitches. But once I’d sewn enough to see the finished stitches coming out the back, you couldn’t stop me! I used a navy blue basic overlocker thread (x3), and it looked beautiful on the fabric. It is such a joy to be sewing such a professional stitch at home.

And I’m absolutely thrilled with the finished garment – this is one I know will get so much wear out of. It’s such an easy ‘throw on’ with my jeans, and I’m sure this fabric will get some funny comments, but I love it!

Now just try and stop me from stitching everything with the coverstitch machine! I'm head over heals!



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