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On Saturday February 4th, The Sewing Shop in Canterbury sees its first birthday since it officially re-launched and they want you to help them celebrate.  All day they’ll be hosting two-hour-long complimentary workshops in two very different areas, with free cupcakes on hand to make sure you’re constantly refuelled. Take in your tired clothes for "Chic On A Shoestring" and they’ll show you how to give them the ultimate makeover. Their staff will help you recycle, mend and adapt your oldest clothes and transform them into pieces you can’t wait to wear again. They’ll also be hosting learn how to crochet and knit sessions - all you need to take are your own yarn, needles and masses of enthusiasm. Workshops will start at 10.30 'til 12.30 and 1.30 'til 3.30pm respectively. Please call to book. If you’re more inclined to shop than create, they’ll be offering one-day-only discounts - with 10 per cent off all products and five per cent off all nonpromotional sewing mac

Newport Sewing in Newport, South Wales win a special Limited Edition Skeleton Innovis 1e.

Congratulations to Angela & Robbie and all the staff at J&B/ Newport Sewing Centre who have won a special Limited Edition Clear Innovis 1e. Angela Miller with the newly installed Innovis 1e clear Over the last few months of 2011, the staff have put all their efforts into demonstrating and supporting the top of the range Sewing and Embroidery Innovis 1e, which means they were able to win 1 of 4 limited edition machines. The limited edition Clear Innovis 1e - pride of place. The machine isn't for sale unfortunately - but pop along to Newport Sewing to see the inner-workings of this Top of the range Sewing & Embroidery Machine. "Every purchaser of a new sewing machine will receive a complimentary Demonstration that will ensure you get maximum pleasure from your purchase.Modern machines have a host of features and our expert staff will help you understand them and will assist you in gaining full benefit from them.We have more than 30