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'Man - Sewing' with Guy from Brother Sewing UK Part Three

Following on from our blog post on 29th June, this is part three, following the creation of a quilt made from baby grows, by a complete novice - man sewer! Sew all the pieces together into rows, then sew all the rows together. Every time, making sure that you’re using a ¼ inch seam allowance (using the ¼ inch foot), sewing face together and butterflying the seams properly. TIP: Sew from the middle outwards, and pay close attention when going over the seams, to ensure they match up nicely. Eventually your quilt really begins to take shape. At this stage, each seam should be pressed or ironed so that they remain butterflied open. This should mean that there’s no extra lumpy bits in the top layer of your completed quilt. When the front of your quilt is fully pieced together and ironed, pin your wadding and backing fabric to it – back to back – so you have the front of the quilt, then the wadding, then the backing fabric all pinned together. The easiest way is to pin from