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Sewing the Dream | Chapter 4 - Colour Shuffling

Before I start, I just want to say what a fabulous time I had at Quilt and Stitch Village in Uttoxeter From April 13-15 this year. It was great to meet so many friends old and new and to share with them some of the fabulous features of the Brother Innov-is XV /Dream Machine.  One feature I particularly like is colour shuffling. Quite often when I buy a design I am disappointed when the colours on the machine are not the same as the ones shown on the original design picture. You know what I mean. How often have you ended up with a design on your machine which is showing a horse with a green face or a fairy in an unlikely shade of purple? If you’re anything like me, even though you have hundreds of different spools of thread by different manufacturers, you don’t always have the exact shade recommended by the digitiser of the original design. It’s often quite difficult, especially with a complex design, to decide on the colours that you want to use. This is where colour shufflin