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Sewing the Dream | Chapter 2.5

Yes I know I said I would be talking about other stuff at the end of my last blog but (as is usual for me) I have allowed myself to be sidetracked into more Brother XV/Dream Machine wonderfulness – hence this mini-blog. I’m talking about the feature on the machine that allows you to make appliqués – or indeed patches – at the press of a button. I’ve been into making Christmas decorations recently and thought how wonderful it would be if I could use some of the many, many Christmas designs I already have and make them into ornaments for the tree. Here's the first one still waiting for her hanging loop and some decorative beads. The design is from the wonderful fruBlomgren on Etsy. Please ignore the zigzag at the top, that’s where I pieced the stabiliser – yes I really am that mean... As you can see the satin stitch appliqué follows the line of the design which is pretty and effective, but then I thought how great it would be if I could put my designs into a simple circl