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Tips to Topstitch Like a Pro | June 2018

Hello Brother fans! I am Jen, sewing blogger and vlogger behind The Gingerthread Girl . I am SEW excited to be jumping on the Brother Sewing blog to share just a few of my top tips and tools for nailing that oh-so-perfect topstitching. It seems the dressmaking world has gone crazy for all things jeans and dungaree related. Guilty. As. Charged. In turn, this has had many a sewist pouring over their handmade garments to achieve a perfect, professional finish to their topstitching. My most recent make has been a pair of Tilly and the Buttons ‘Mila’ Dungarees. I used a beautiful mustard coloured denim, which was an absolute dream to work with. And so, these are my pointers in trying to up your topstitching game: 1. Relax and enjoy Strange as this sounds for a ‘top tips’ guide, my first tip really would be to chill. Don’t torture yourself, white-knuckling your fabric to achieve perfection! The most important thing is that you enjoy this hobby that you have so much love for. Don’t

Brother CV3550 Double Cover Stitch Machine Review

OK – so the first questions you need to ask are “What is a Cover stitch machine?” and “why do I need one. Well, these questions are simple ones to answer. A cover stitch machine allows you to finish your fabric and hem it at the same time. It works a dream with stretch fabrics, t-shirts, jersey etc and will be giving you professional finishes in no time.    It looks a bit like an overlocker, but it isn’t! an overlocker uses 2 needles and a cutter to tidy a raw edge, and using a hemming foot to create a tidy hem. A Coverstitch uses 1, 2 or 3 needles to create professional hems, chain stitches and decorative stitching with ease. For professionally made clothing – both machines are necessary., saving time, effort and making you look like a pro! So if you want to make clothes, then a Brother CV3550 Double Cover stitch Machine is an ideal addition to your sewing room. Cover hem like a professional. Just check out the t-shirt you wore last and take a look at the hem. An overlo