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Coverstitching a Friday Pattern Company Adrienne Top - Jen Walker

Hello Brother fans! I’ve been up to my old sewing tricks again, and really wanted to share this latest make with you. I have been  playing with the Coverstitch machine (model used is CV3550) again! On a complete whim (before lockdown), I decided to swing by my local haberdashery, Backstitch , after I’d met with some local sewing buddies. One of the patterns one of my friends mentioned to me was the Friday Pattern Company Adrienne Top. Once we’d been chatting about it, I knew I just had to make one! So I picked up the pattern at Backstitch , and as luck would have it, they had this super gorgeous jersey in their remnants – and it was the exact amount required for the pattern! Lucky me! I had to be very careful cutting this fabric out though, as the pattern is made up of tiny stripes. So I had to ensure it was nice and level. The cutting out did take a fair amount of time and patience. After this though, I was surprised at what a quick make it turned out to be. I

Trying out the CV3550 Coverstitch on a Tilly and the Buttons Nora Top

Hello Brother fans! I’m excited to be back to show you this make - it's one of my favourites! This has been quite an exciting one, because it’s been my first proper go with the coverstitch machine (the model I am using is a CV3550). I wanted to keep everything as simple as possible for my first efforts at coverstitching. So, I decided to make a simple jersey top which would mean I could use the hemming attachment to get a beautiful, professional looking hem. The pattern I chose was a Tilly and the Buttons Nora top. I have made one of these before, which was great as I had familiarity with it already. It’s a lovely oversized, easy-to-wear top – and I chose to make a short-sleeved version. The fabric I’d had in my stash for a while, and it’s been one that I’ve been excited to use. It’s a lovely jersey from The New Craft House . And it has these tiny little naked ladies printed all over it! Quite a statement fabric, which I adore! I used my Brother