New Sewing room opens at J&B Sewing Centre in Newport, South Wales..

J&B sewing in Newport, South Wales have opened a fabulous new Laura Ashley inspired sewing room.

They now have in-store the full range of Laura Ashley Sewing and Embroidery Machines from Brother.

Call Angela to book an appointment to see any of the new machines, including:
NV1e, NV5000, NV2200 & NX2000.

Full details of the brother machines can be found here: 

Contact details for J&B Sewing can be found here:


  1. I have decided to start sewing, but I need some tips and some good brands of sewing machines for starters. Are there any websites that help you compare prices and features for sewing machines?

    M & K Sewing Machines uk profile

    1. I realise this is a little late, but if you are still interested, I'd like to tell you what I've learned over the past year and half of sewing. I'm from America, so I'm not sure if you will have access to the same brands but with trade being so global now, I'm sure you will. First off, DO NOT buy a Singer brand sewing machine. They are absolute junk! They sell bad machines that are covered by a good name. I use a Brother SQ9000 and I absolutely love it. Janome is also a good machine, I hear, as my aunt uses one and she swears by hers. Another brand you might consider is EuroPro. My mom bought one second hand and I've used it alot the last few months teaching my sister to sew. It runs very smooth, is easy to thread (just like mine) and has an automatic bobbin feature, (also like mine). Next up, thread. I know you don't have Walmart there, but you do have Asda. I would recommend you not buy your thread at Asda or the like. I'll tell you why. Quite simply, it breaks very easily, and it also has a tendency to jam up your machine, something that gets very annoying very quickly. I use nothing but Mettler brand thread. It's a German company but it's distributed all over the place because we have it here, and I've seen ads for it in Australian quilting magazines. Lastly, I would definately recommend you pay attention to the quality of your fabrics. I know it's hard to right now, becuase everyone is basically broke and has no money (me included) but you gotta try and spend just a little more on your fabric. Buy it from you local fabric shops and not big chain stores like Asda or the like. The fabric from chain stores often shreads and threads easily leaving you with messy edges and bad feelings towards your project. The last thing I can tell you to do is just to relax. Mistakes WILL be made, and that's okay. You're not on Project Runway and no one is judging you but yourself. So take your time and enjoy it. :) Goodluck :)


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